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Technical household appliances

Relying on modern Italian technology, Fancy Collection has brought the best European quality to your home with its products. Fancy products including: tabletop gas stove, kitchen hood, oven and compact oven are made to make your kitchens beautiful.

Kitchen furniture with fancy appliances

At Fancy, we have brought the harmonious harmony of architecture to the kitchen by introducing special collections of all glass and steel, so that the tools can be used only for use. The selection of each collection reflects your taste and art in cooking.

Italian shot technology in technical

Fancy home appliances with Italian anti-scratch glasses are presented to you. Shot glass from Italy, like Nagin Swarovski, will make your kitchen appliances different from anything you have seen so far. Something that will be remembered by every guest who is seen in your kitchen.

Security of fancy appliances

Spain's Orkli technology guarantees the safety of fancy ovens and fancy gas stoves.

On the edge of technology with fancy kitchen appliances Italian home appliances are a combination of technology and art. The same thing that we have brought to you at Fancy. All programs and electronic technologies used in fancy kitchen appliances are produced by the great Italian company Sabaf and bring technical products to the world level in technology.

Only you are important

Fancy warranty is the guarantor of your choice. Free installation, parts exchange guarantee and our constant response are for your satisfaction in choosing fancy kitchen appliances.



Fancy style warranty

Fancy vip warranty services include:

Free installation of all products, free guarantee of replacement of parts and complete replacement of the product in case of technical defects is a sign of fancy quality.