Fancy compact

Fancy compacts are a great choice for your home. With this system, you practically have an oven and a microwave in one device. A fancy compact with European technology and a very reasonable price is at your disposal.



Designing fancy compacts

The design of fancy compacts is built-in and surfaced. Based on the design of the kitchen, you can choose your favorite design.

  • Touch hoods work very quickly with the touch of buttons and with alarms
  • Touch Less hoods work by moving the hand in front of the fancy hood and there is no need to touch the hood itself and the buttons. This means that you don't need to put your hands on the hood while cooking

Washable filters

The filter of all fancy hoods is made of washable and super high quality aluminum.

Gas lighting with fancy hood

Fancy hoods have SMD lighting that practically provides the lighting of your gas stove while cooking.

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