the oven

Fancy ovens are presented to you in two models: a glass oven with a special design and using Italian shot glass and a steel oven using grade A stainless steel.

Fancy steel ovens have several different designs that make your choice in kitchen layout much easier.

Fancy built-in oven design

Fancy ovens are built-in and placed in your kitchen furniture, the various colors of fancy ovens can provide you with a choice that exactly matches your taste.

فرهای  فنسی


Italian technology in fancy built-in oven

All fancy ovens are presented with Sabaf Italy touch panel. This system is one of the best technologies in the world, which is completely intelligent and can cook all kinds of food, meat, cakes, etc. with ideal quality.

Fancy built-in oven with Spanish gas injection system

All fancy ovens are produced in cooperation with Orkli Spain. This means ultimate peace and security of the oven's gas supply system. You can be sure that you have a wonderful built-in oven with the latest European technology.

Oven 601 (3)

Oven 602 (3)